Industrial Flooring

Flooring is the foundation of the production process and therefore plays an important role in maintaining buildings, working conditions and hygiene.Production process is constantly changing and improving, and floor coverings must meet new and specific requirements.We offer complete industrial floor coatings that meet the needs of our customers - we have a wide range of industrial flooring systems that offer highly resistant and durable surfaces perfectly suited for difficult working conditions in the industrial sector.Whether you need chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to heavy loads, low maintenance or all of the above, we can provide you with a satisfactory solution at attractive prices.
All our industrial flooring systems are seamless, chemically and mechanically resistant, slip resistant, without any cracks or crevices that can harbor dust, dirt and bacteria.This makes surfaces easy to clean and maintain and ensure hygienic qualities.

We offer construction of industrial flooring systems that meet all specific requirements in the following sectors:

Factories and refineries


Food Industry




Public kitchens and restaurants


Laboratories and hospitals



Depending on the specifics, industrial floors are divided into several types:
  • Heavy duty epoxy flooring: Heavy duty epoxy flooring with a thickness of 2 to 10 mm. They are seamless, chemically and mechanically resistant, slip resistant.
  • Self Leveling Epoxy flooring: Self Leveling Epoxy flooring systems are durable, seamless, mechanical and chemical resistant.They are used extensively in industry which requires ultra-smooth surface.
  • Epoxy floors with colored sands: Epoxy flooring systems incorporating colored sands are wear-resistant, mechanically and chemically resistant, slip resistant, seamless. It consists of wear-resistant epoxy layer and colored quartz sand surface that provides decorative and anti- slip effect .Suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial floorings . Perfect for high traffic areas and places where hygiene and cleanliness are of great importance.
  • Epoxy floor coating : protects concrete floors. It gives a high gloss and durable surface that withstands extreme temperatures of washing and steam cleaning.Chemical resistant.Epoxy floors and coatings protect concrete from aggressive chemicals, acids, alkalis and solvents that deplete the surface.
Epoxy floor coating dries to a shine and is available in different colors, textures and applications, such as solid colors and decorative add-ons that are attractive and aesthetic.
We offer flooring systems that meet most requirements, including:
  • Low temperature assembly;
  • Rapid construction of large areas;
  • Waterproof;
  • Antibacterial;
  • High mechanical strength;
  • Anti-slip finishing layer may be added;
  • Wide color range and decorations;
  • High chemical resistance;
  • Easy maintenance;
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