We offer quality liquid waterproofing from leading manufacturers such as BASF, SIKA, Monotiki, Wetsuit and others.

Why choose liquid waterproofing over the standard onduline or bitumen coatings?

The advantages of liquid waterproofing are:
  • It can be applied over old waterproofing surface ;
  • Seamless coating which allows filling of joints and cracks in horizontal and vertical surfaces ;
  • It can be used over any surface – concrete, wood, metal, etc ;
  • Seamless lining over chimneys, edges, etc ;
  • It can be combined with geotextiles for greater durability ;
  • Resistant to solvents, acids and alkalis ;
  • Leaves no residue, does not crack because of its high elasticity ;
  • Completely safe – applicable in the food industry.
Extensive areas of application:
  • Lining of hangars, warehouses, car parks, ramps, garages, balconies, stairs;
  • Bathroom and laundry room waterproofing;
  • Equipment and facilities for food production;
  • Industrial coatings for production facilities;
  • Roof waterproofing ;
  • Flooring ;
  • Storage facilities for chemicals ;
  • Treatment plants waterproofing ;
  • Lining of pipes and pipelines ;
  • waterproofing of concrete lining of bridges ;
  • Tank coatings ;
  • Waterproofing of foundations, pools and more.
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